At Prime we pride ourselves in giving you the highest quality in everything that we serve. From our certified USDA Prime Roast Beef that literally melts in your mouth, to our organic brick oven pizza, we strive to be the best.

We are proud to say that we are the only establishment using a prime cut on our famous Roast Beef Sandwich. Also, we marinate all of our own meats and chicken, we oven roast our own roast beef and turkey daily. All of our delicious dressings are homemade.

What makes our delicious brick oven pizza different? Well let’s start with our organic dough. Our fresh organic dough is made with 100% certified organic ingredients. We also use a homemade organic pizza sauce and a blend of natural cheeses.

Our skinny pizza is an even healthier version of our organic brick oven pizza. We use less dough so it’s super thin, lite and crispy. We char-grill it for extra flavor and then bake it to perfection. Our skinnies are topped with many healthy toppings including fresh salads, vegetables, and chicken.

We offer Catering and we also have Online Ordering for your convenience.



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